Program Monitoring & Oversight

Real Estate Advisory

  • Evaluate project management processes using industry standards and best practices

  • Develop and implement protocols to efficiently and effectively monitor new and ongoing programs

  • Establish a performance metric system to track and monitor a project’s overall performance

  • Provide clients with early warnings of risks and issues that may threaten the success of a project

  • Provide technical and administrative support services to assist with real estate transactions

  • Conduct project feasibility analyses

  • Prepare property valuations including BPO's, appraisals and title searches

  • Collect and review due diligence

  • Facilitate marketing services

  • Perform market research by gathering information from primary and secondary market participants

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Default Advisory

  • Advise clients of opportunities to leverage underutilized property or land to generate additional revenue and/or reduce expenses

  • Assist clients with the determination of portfolio management objectives

  • Prepare opportunity assessments for clients’ real estate holdings

  • Review defaulted loan portfolios

  • Prepare risk assessments

  • Identify disposition strategies that are cost effective and reduce losses based on client requirements

  • Negotiate with transaction parties to develop a successful workout strategy

IT Services

Utilities & Alternative Energy Services

  • Develop appropriate IT strategies that support our clients’ business objectives

  • Establish operational standards, policies and methods

  • Create database management systems

  • Sync government systems with private sector technologies

  • Provide comprehensive financial and energy feasibility studies

  • Conduct cost-benefit analyses of energy projects

  • Evaluate industry trends and their impact on utilities

  • Perform risk assessments