Credit Advisory and Credit Scoring

Strategic Program Planning & Management

  • Assess overall quality of agency portfolios
  • Prepare and evaluate program scorecards
  • Develop financial models to evaluate risk
  • Create indicators for reporting, tracking and providing results for review
  • Review and determine scoring for credit programs
  • Evaluate credit scoring implications and ensure compliance through transaction execution
  • Review organizations' goals and objectives
  • Evaluate organizational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Analyze internal operations and processes
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommend best practices
  • Provide communication strategies for outreach to key stake-holders
  • Conduct market outreach, meeting and conference support

Compliance Management

Risk Management: Internal Controls

  • Assess existing internal controls
  • Identify potential areas of risks and fraud
  • Recommend solutions to minimize risk
  • Develop and document policies and procedures
  • Implement necessary controls to effectively pursue organizational objectives


  • Provide technical assistance for compliance reviews
  • Prepare quality control plans and quality assurance plans
  • Develop management workflow and tracking systems
  • Create sampling methodologies
  • Conduct onsite reviews
  • Prepare analytical reports
  • Recommend monitoring strategies

Financial Modeling and Data Analytics

Business Process Improvement

  • Assess financial feasibility for financial transactions
  • Conduct portfolio analyses
  • Provide cost-benefit and cash flow analyses
  • Develop sophisticated models and tools for client support
  • Prepare data for client evaluation
  • Review and develop recommendations for process improvements
  • Offer recommendations to streamline processes
  • Standardize the decision making process
  • Streamline budget planning and execution process
  • Create handbooks identifying roles, responsibilities, and schedules
  • Develop training material and program guidance
  • Satisfy client reporting requirements