Loan Sales

  • Provide advisory services for commercial, multifamily, healthcare, single family, and business loan sales
  • Perform sophisticated modeling and analysis of loans to determine key portfolio characteristics
  • Recommend disposition strategies to maximize returns
  • Analyze assets and market conditions to determine the optimal loan sale structure and timeline
  • Supervise preparation of contractual documentation including confidentiality agreements, bidder qualification statements, and other loan sale agreements
  • Assist with closing and the transfer of assets

Investor and Capital Markets Outreach

  • Conduct market research by gathering feedback from primary and secondary market participants
  • Develop and execute communication strategies for outreach to sponsor and investors
  • Analyze trends and forecasts to account for potential changes to the competitive landscape
  • Prepare reports that synthesize market, regulatory, and policy information related to collateral and securities
  • Assist with real estate mortgage investment conduit (REMIC) transaction management processes
  • Review offering circulars for correctness and conformity

Real Estate Development and Financing

Financial Support Services

  • Perform thorough analyses to determine valuation for negotiation purposes, sales or leasing
  • Create sophisticated cash flow models
  • Review third party reports such as appraisals and engineering reports
  • Assist clients in raising equity and debt in the acquisition of real estate backed debt and the underlying real estate
  • Analyze transactions to determine if they are financially viable and can qualify for competitive financing from a lender or the bond markets
  • Provide financial advisory services for government agencies and private sector financial institutions
  • Analyze the impact of proposed products and policies to ensure operational feasibility, market acceptance, regulatory compliance and incorporation of best practices
  • Support organizations during rating agency site visits
  • Assist with preparation and responses to post-site visit request for information and/or rigorous task analysis
  • Facilitate project progress by tapping into a strong knowledge of government funding cycles, budget requirements, and advanced modeling techniques