District of Columbia

As a Prime Contractor to the District of Columbia, Office of the Chief Financial Officer on behalf of the Office of Economic Development Finance, Emax provides a variety of financial analyses to assess the feasibility of tax incremental bond financing for economic development projects throughout the District. Emax recently completed a financial feasibility assessment of the Wharf, a $2B mixed-use new construction project to be completed in two phases on the waterfront of Washington D.C.  Currently, Emax is performing feasibility analyses and alternative analyses on multiple economic redevelopment projects within the District of Columbia.

Dates of Service: 2015 - Present

Role: Prime Contractor

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

Emax provides Real Property Sales and Support Services (RPSSS) as a prime contractor for the GSA. Emax supports GSA and other federal landholding agencies adhere to the mandated in the Presidential Memorandum “Disposing of Unneeded Federal Real Estate” issued on June 10, 2010 which focuses on cutting the operating costs of retained assets, increasing sales proceeds, and improving energy-efficiency.


Dates of Service: 2014 - Present

Role: Prime Contractor

Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC)

Emax is currently a prime contractor providing Real Estate Support Services (RESS) to the U.S. Air Force (AF) for real estate and energy transactions on underutilized real property.  Specifically, Emax advises the AFCEC on its Value-Based, Enhanced-Use Lease, and Military Housing Privatization Initiative transactions by using expertise in real estate investment, finance, project management, energy, office buildings, retail and other commercial real estate projects.


Dates of Service: 2001 - Present

Role: Prime Contractor and Subcontractor

Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) - Office of Asset Enterprise Management (OAEM)

Emax is currently a prime subcontractor providing post transaction support services to the Office of Asset Enterprise Management (OAEM) for the oversight and monitoring of the VA’s Enhanced Use Leasing program.  The EUL program includes a portfolio of 56 completed projects, for which Emax monitors compliance of lease requirements and assists in developing an annual EUL consideration report.




Dates of Service:  2003 - Present

Roles: Prime Contractor and Subcontractor

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - Asset Sales Office (ASO)

Since 1999, Emax has served both as a prime and subcontractor to the Asset Sales Office as the Program Financial Advisory (PFA). In this role, Emax supports, assists, and advises FHA in administering the asset sales program through the disposition of single family, multifamily and healthcare notes via competitive transactions offered to private investors, units of local government and non -profits; and direct sales offered to units of local government and non-profit entities. The PFA contract is currently and 8(a) set-aside, for which Emax if a subcontractor.



Dates of Service: 1999 - Present

Roles: Prime Contractor and Subcontractor

U.S. Department of Treasury - Office of Financial Stability 

Since 2009, Emax, as a Program Financial Advisor, has supported the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Financial Stability (OFS) and Office of Financial Management (OFM) in conducting compliance reviews of lending programs, evaluating mortgage assistance initiatives, and reviewing internal controls. Emax has assisted in the development and implementation of OFS’ operational and internal controls policies and procedures.



Dates of Service: 2009 - Present

Roles: Subcontractor

Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) –  Office of Housing & Competitive Sourcing (H&CS)

Emax has served as financial adviser to the Office of Housing & Competitive Sourcing within the Office of the Secretary of Defense by assisting in the oversight of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) program, assisting with the analysis of the MHPI program, providing private sector real estate finance assistance, and providing support for the federal budgetary scoring, including credit reform.



Dates of Service: 2005 - 2011

Roles: Prime Contractor and Subcontractor

Department of Education (DOE) 

Emax, as a prime contractor, has provided valuation advisory services to the Department of Education (ED) by designing various asset management and disposition programs for ED’s complex defaulted student loan portfolio.  Emax assisted Federal Student Aid Financial Partners (FP) by developing methodologies to value business, real estate, and other assets, and provided Federal Student Aid (FSA) with the negotiation assistance and evaluation support.

Dates of Service: 2004 - 2009

Role: Prime Contractor

Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae)

As a member of the Securitized Transaction Financial Advisor, Emax performed capital market and mortgage research to advise Ginnie Mae on securitization programs.  Additionally, Emax prepared reports assessing the impact of market, regulatory, and policy constraints associated with Ginnie Mae collateral and securities, and evaluated how those factors influence alternative program strategies and securitization structures.

Dates of Service: 2007 - 2013

Role: Subcontractor

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Emax most recently advised the SBA as a prime contractor in support of its 7(a) and 504/CDC Loan Guarantee programs, and engaged in market outreach with SBA secondary market participants including lenders, pool assemblers, and investors.  Furthermore, Emax conducted asset-backed securitization market research and provided SBA with findings that incorporated recommendations to improve the agency’s securitization programs.

Dates of Service: 2002 - 2005, 2013 - 2014

Roles: Prime Contractor and Subcontractor

United States Department of Agriculture 

Emax has provided recommendations to the USDA RD regarding the monitoring of its guaranteed loan portfolio and its universe of individual lenders.  Emax conducted a broad analysis of oversight and audit requirements in order to assess existing, proposed, and newly developed methodologies in the formulation of a best-practices monitoring system to meet the USDA RD’s objectives.

Dates of Service: 2005 - 2007

Role: Subcontractor