FHA Single Family Loan Sale Update: SFLS 2015-1

Emax is currently assisting the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Asset Sales Office (ASO) with SFLS 2015-1, a single family non-performing loan sale that will be conducted July 15, 2015.

The National-Regional portion of SFLS 2015-1 is currently anticipated to consist of 5,788 loans totaling approximately $903 million in unpaid principal balance in five pools, and the NSO portion of the sale is expected to include 2038 loans with an aggregate unpaid principal balance of approximately $476 million in six pools. NSO pools are concentrated in Chicago, Newark, Camden, Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

The Department will also be offering one pool of loans for sale in Detroit to Non-Profit bidders.

Further information on the Federal Housing Administration's multi-billion dollar Asset Sales Program can be found by visiting the ASO's website.